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Harold Epstein has over 30 years of experience using a body-mind integrative approach to healing. He works with holistic therapies to treat clients with various conditions. 

Modalities utilized include craniosacral therapy and transformational counselling. He also draws from gestalt therapy, non-violent communication, hypnotherapy, relaxation therapy, and mindfulness meditation. 

Harold teaches classes on various healing modalities as well as leads small group retreats and workshops.

Harold Epstein trained in Craniosacral Therapy with the Upledger Institute in Canada, and later completed a 2-year training with the SA Institute of Cranial Studies. Harold originally studied massage therapy in Canada and was a registered therapist in that country for many years. He has also studied and practiced various other holistic therapies over the last 28 years including Bowen therapy, psycho-neuro-immunology, yoga and meditation, hypnotherapy, counselling and reiki.  

anja gerbers

Anja has many years of experience in counselling in private practice using her skills in systemic family constellations in one-on ones sessions.She has recently graduated as reflective social practitioner, which has broadened her understanding of the  importance of a constant reflective presence with her clients

I love working with individuals and couples and find deep pleasure in assisting my clients finding ways to understand in deeper ways what is happening in their live.

I am convinced that everyone carries all wisdom needed to find happiness and health within them. What is often needed is a non-judgemental space, where all the inner voices have a place to be equally heard, witnessed and integrated.

Everything and everybody belongs. 

You are the expert of your live - I am the expert of listening deeply and reflecting back to you, what might not be easy but important to be heard and holding you in a safe space.


I am looking forward working with you!

Anja has graduated with a postgraduate certificate in "Reflective Social Practice" (Proteus Inititative and Alanus University, Bonn) completed her Diploma in Counselling and Communication at the South African College for applied Psychology in 2009 and has been working for Life Line /Childline for many years as a face-to face counsellor. 

She is a certified Family Constallations facilitator 

Anja integrates systemic constellations in her sessions, where appropriate. 


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