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Family at a Beach

family and systemic constellations

Our family history belongs to us and is part of us.

We might have learnt that everything that is happening inside our body and our psyche belongs to "I" and we are responsible for it. We have learnt that our feelings and thoughts come from us.
When we look at individuals as part of a system, and take experiences in constellations into account - this might only be partially true. 

In this way Bert Hellinger has revolutionized the the concept of the individual.
In constellations we see the invisible bonds between family members becoming visible, as representatives of the family members physically experience the way an individual is embedded in a system.
A representative of a son, for example, facing his father in a constellation can experience and describe a physical and emotional state that changes when a further person -( for example mother or grandfather) steps in.

In a group setting we get information from the representatives experience and sensations.
In an individual session, there are different methods of getting this information.
One option is for the client to stand within the family system and visualize another family member, or the therapist may take on a role and give feedback while standing in that person's place.

Another method is working with dolls or objects representing the members of the family.
The client chooses dolls for representing members of the family and her/himself and places them intuitively in a "field"on the table. This created systemic field helps to tune in to each member of the family represented by the dolls. The client can take on the roles of various members of the family system and experience differences from those perspectives.The therapist supports and accompanies the inner process of the client by asking appropriate questions.

psychosomatic symptoms and illness

We find that often clients seek for help with constellations therapy because they have tried many other medical or therapeutic paths before and didn't find relief.

We believe that illness can not and should not be reduced to the personal level of the phenomena.

In systemic constellations we see that there are often subconscious bonds or loyalties to family members or close relationships hidden in the background which prevent the client to move toward healing.

We regard illness or symptoms not as dysfunctions but rather as coping mechanisms, as pointers and expressions for something not expressed or hidden within the system.

Through constellations these hidden dynamics can be revealed and come to light which gives space for understanding and therefore it can open new ways of expression of love in a healing way.

Only what first was hidden can be revealed, but every revelation conceals more than it shows. - Bert Hellinger

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