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Seeking help often comes with the preconception of being weak, insane or incapable of coping with one’s life.

We all go through troubled times in our lives.

But many people, if not all, will at some time encounter an emotional or physical crisis.

In most cases it might be sufficient to talk to family and friends, but sometimes there are issues that need deeper understanding.


These maybe patterns, that repeat themselves, a big loss, pain that doesn’t seem to be bearable or a physical condition that seems to not get better.

A counselor is there to be your ally, the person who is committed to listen to you truly undistracted and objectively, help you to get in touch with yourself and get to a better understanding of yourself and your situation.

The counsellor  is not your advice giver or an authorial figure who knows it all, but a human being, willing to guide you through a difficult time.

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