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Heart Awakening: Gatherings for Men

This small group for men will focus on what is emerging in our life at this time of great change. We will have a deeper look at our relationship with people close to us, with nature, and most importantly, with ourselves.

Where is your heart at? What is deeply important to you? Are you being the one you really wish to be?

There will be time for personal sharing, contemplation, some theme-related topics, and at times short meditations. During this time of the corona pandemic these meetings will be held via zoom.

There are not many platforms for men to share deeply in our society, and certainly not from a more considered heartfelt place. There is a deep disconnect from spirit in all things. So our meetings would include a world view which embraces the interconnectedness of all of life. We will look at what your soul longs to bring into life and how you may experience living in the world with integrity, balance and a broader compassion for all. Our meetings will be confidential, building more trust and support as we progress. This is somewhat more challenging using zoom but still quite possible. We will aim to share from a heart-centred space as opposed to getting too heady. We’ll be present for whatever emerges in our sharing, but please be very clear that this is not a psychotherapy group.

Beginning with 4 meetings held once a week, we’ll re-assess and go from there. A commitment to attendance for all 4 weeks and payment upfront will be required. There will be a maximum of 6 men. The fee charged will be kept to a minimum to accommodate those who have little financial means at this time, and includes the cost for zoom meetings. However, if you feel so inclined and can afford to pay more this will be welcome and could also support a man with little means who wishes to attend.

Facilitator: I, Harold, have been part of men’s groups in Canada and South Africa in the past. And now I have a desire to be part of one which explores some of the deeper and maybe more spiritual aspects of our lives. I feel honoured to be hosting this group, and look forward to welcoming you.

Important: If you are interested in joining us please email me in advance to share what draws you to participating in this group. See email address below.

Dates: Tuesdays 6.30pm – 8pm, starting 8th September.

Cost: R240 for the first 4 meetings per person. Should you have difficulty in paying this amount please let me know.

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