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As Hafiz says, 'What comparison is there between earth and heaven?' for the same reason that man is small before God, the bubble is small before the ocean, and yet it is not apart from the ocean, nor does it consist of any other element than the ocean.


Healing Waters

Spiritual Centre for healing and personal growth  

With our integrative therapies we facilitate the deeper healing processes working towards finding balance of body, heart and soul while nurturing the spirit.

Deep listening is the oldest and perhaps most powerful tool of healing.

It is often through the quality of listening and not through the wisdom of words, that we are able to effect the most profound changes in our bodies and our minds.

When we listen deeply we offer with our focussed attention an opportunity for the deeper, hidden, homeless parts of our souls to feel seen and safe to come to the surface. Once they can be seen, they can be understood and accepted with love.That is when healing happens.

When we listen with compassion we create a sanctuary for the parts in ourselves that have been denied, unloved or devalued by others or by ourselves.

Once these part are allowed to belong, we feel whole and calm.

"The soul always knows what to do to heal itself- the challenge is to still the mind"

Carolyn Myss


Listening deeply to the body

CST was initially developed by William Sutherland (Doctor of Osteopathy) in the early 1900’s. He discovered that, contrary to medical teaching, the skull bones actually move – though very slightly – at the sutures where they connect.


Listening deeply to the soul

Seeking help often comes with the preconception of being weak, insane or incapable of coping with one’s life. We all go through troubled times in our lives. But many people, if not all, will at some time encounter an emotional or physical crisis.


Listening to ancestral wisdom

 Everything is connected. Everything we do and every event in nature has an effect on all of the individual systems in the Universe. 


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Our Healing Centre is located in Tamboerskloof,

Cape Town SA

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