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Inner Pilgrimage

Soul Inquiry
and the healing power of 
Nature connection


Greetings to all seekers on the Inner Path

Working with people in counselling and constallations for so many years I have been contemplating often on the miracle of healing. When and how does something happen in the understanding of life and in the heart, that allows for a shift towards healing?

Trauma has been identified as one of the main causes for all kinds of illness - emotional, somatic and physical. I have come to the understanding that trauma is defined by a situation, that is so overwhelming that our cognition can not cope with the emotional impact and hence creates distortions in our perception.

Having said that, distortions of our perceptions happen throughout our childhood also from the 'normal trauma' of growing up.

None of us human beings gets through childhood without wounding. To protect ourselves from the pain and from being hurt again, we build a shield around our sensitive heart and love gets trapped inside. Instead of flowing freely it gets stuck and held back, which creates a feeling of disconnect to the world but also to our own soul.

This protective shield - our Ego -is necessary for our survival in a social setting but it can become very restricting and automated as it mainly reacts from fear.

What  has been incredibly important and literally life saving as a child, becomes restricting as an adult if we don't become aware of it.

More so we identify with this protective and reactive part and get more and more disconnected from our True Nature - which is pure love. We connect with the world from this Ego identification part- our very individually constructed self and think we are this Ego.

This social construct of ourselves is incredibly complex, because it had to adapt to our very individual challenges. Because we think of ourselves as this Self only, we feel the otherness and separation to others. Our mind can not think pure love and oneness, as our senses constantly prove, that there is an I and other.


We perceive the world through this personalised self-centred sense as if we were the centre of the universe.

Manifestation can only happen in duality and forms all kinds of conspiracies to keep us believing that we ARE this: the I - the Ego.

And ...of course we are this... but we are more... so much more.






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